In loving memory of Mary


31/12/2012: Day 1 - sent link out to my nearest and dearest, as a test. 4 tickets sold already!!

01/01/2013: Day 2 - My sisters have started to send the link out to their friends on FB etc and put the website address on a few car/VW forums. Have started to receive donations form people I dont know. I am really overwhelmed and touched by peoples generosity. Thank you so much.

02/01/2013: Day 3 - Started a twitter campaign to generate awareness of my cause. Very moved by everyones interest and generosity. Received numerous retweets hope this continues and eventually generates more donations. Thanks again.

03/01/2013: Day 4 - Wow cant belive how much people have donated already. I can't keep thanking everyone enough. We are up to almost 15% of the target. Add DJ Ace from 1xtra has agreed to to do the live draw.

04/01/2013: Day 5: Some part of me is actually beginning to believe that I may actually be able to do this for my mum we are up to £1000!! Some of the messages of support I've received from contributors through PayPal and email have been heart rendering and I can't even begin to articulate how appreciative I am. I'm even more so touched by some of you like Jade, Lauren and Yanina to name a few who have shared their loss with me and I pray that our lost loved ones have found peace and eternal happiness.The last thing I would like to say is a massive thank you to Iain Dale (Lbc 97.3 radio presenter) who wrote an article on my endeavour which can be found here -

06/01/2013: Day 7 - I have told almost every individual I know personally of my endeavour. Lots of people have informed me that they would rather donate to me than win my car which I really appreciate however offering my car as a prize is the very least I could do for all your help. So far we are up to £1350!!! This is amazing considering the short time span of time I had to get this together. Most of my friends have told me they are going to ask people at work to get involved for which I am extremely grateful. I'm going to do everything I can to generate more awareness. Thank you to all of you for contributions and your help in spreading my cause.

07/01/2012: Day 8: Tune into LBC Radio on 97.3FM at 19.45 today to hear my story live on air.

08/01/2013 Day 9 - My family and I are still in shock that Iain Dale from LBC 97.3 kindly asked me to be on his show. Which can be found here -

Immediately after my interview with Iain the donations skyrocketed to the point whereby the PayPal account had technical difficulties. I am eternally grateful for all the help everyone has given I have now breached the £2000 mark. I still have a long way to go but I'll keep the faith. I must say a huge thank you again to Iain Dale from LBC 97.3 for not only writing this article -, but for having me on his show too -

09/01/2013 Day 9: DJ Ace has been unable to complete the draw so DJ Iain Dale from LBC has kindly agreed to step in at the last minute.

10/01/2013 Day 10:The draw will be held today at 5.30 PM, Ticket sales close at 4PM!!! Good Luck all. I will update the site once a winner has been chosen!


The draw finished at 4pm and although we haven't reached our target I could not be any more moved by everyone's kindness, support and generosity. In such a short space of time those who have contributed have helped me to do something amazing for my mum and for that I am honestly indebted to you all and I am unbelievably grateful. May god bless you all.

Iain Dale from LBC 97.3 did the draw today.....




Although the raffle is over, donations are still very much welcome as I did not reach my target... Payment to the funeral director is this Saturday and I'm just under.

FINAL UPDATE 05/02/2013

This is a message to everyone that had an interest in my cause let alone to all the wonderful souls that contributed.

Firstly I just want to say thank you so much for all your kind words, love, support and encouragement. I am unbelievably grateful for everything you did to help, whether it was entering the raffle, donating or helping to spread the word.

I just wanted to let you all know that after all our efforts... the goal was achieved. My beautiful mother received the burial she deserved.

The raffle and donations managed to accumulate just under £3500, and my family and friends managed to contribute to cover the rest.

We had a memorial service here for my mum on the 19th January 2013, then my sister Joanne and I flew out to Ghana with my mums body to attend the second funeral and burial a week later on the 26th January 2013.

I cannot even begin to express the pain I felt having to say goodbye to my mum, even thinking about it evokes a great sadness which I hope in time will become easier to manage. The only small solace I could take from it all was that I was able to do one final nice thing for my mum.

As I have already announced on mums site, the winner of Izzy was Samantha Hall. I emailed Samantha to inform her that she had won and on Friday, 11 January 2013, Samantha wrote:

Hi Duke,

Thanks for this wonderful news. However, I simply wished to make a donation to you to help you get your Mum home - it was never my intention to claim the prize should I win.

So, please continue to enjoy Izzy - and I do hope that you manage to raise the funds needed.

God Bless


I still cannot even believe how gracious Samantha was. I insisted that Samantha claim her prize and even then on Saturday, 12 January 2013, Samantha wrote:

Hi Duke,

I am sure that most (if not all) of the people entering did so with no real desire to win, just to help you and your mum.

If you feel it would help, I would be happy to write a letter for you to circulate to all entrants explaining my decision?

I do hope you get on OK.



I am unequivocally immensely thankful for the kindness demonstrated not just by Samantha but all of you.

I just want to say a special thank you to Iain Dale from LBC 97.3, The Voice Newspaper and the Acton Gazette for covering my cause in their publications.

I can't say thank you enough to all of you for all that you've done to aid me in my cause. Your kindness and generosity did more than help me get my mum to Ghana, it renewed my belief in humanity.

May god bless all of you and I pray that your random act of kindness is rewarded. I wish you a wonderful, prosperous and peaceful year and again thank you so much.

With love,


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